Growing in relationship with God and with one another is paramount to the Christian walk. Here are a few opportunities to embark on that journey with us.Large Gold

New House Groups are currently Launching... If you are interested in connecting with or leading one of these groups, please contact Pastor Jarrod for more details. ( Here is a list of the groups that run continuously throughout the year.

Ladies Fellowship: The Ladies of GFC meet at Jessie’s house every other Monday at 6:30 pm. It is a pot luck event where the ladies gather to build relationships by eating, talking, and praying together. For directions to Jessie’s house, please email

Youth Group: The 12-18 year old people meet every Wednesday night at 6 pm at the church. Jason, our worship leader leads this group into a fun, entertaining Bible study with a laid back manner. The students are allowed to speak out and ask questions in a safe environment to learn more about Jesus..

Women’s Prayer Group: Women’s Prayer Group meets at Annette’s house every Thursday from 11:45-12:45 to pray for the church, their families, spouses, etc. For directions to Annette’s house, please email

:New Groups Awaiting Formation:

Answering the Cry For Freedom (Available upon request. This is a four hour intensive. It focuses on breaking the chains that bind us, and setting us on our course in Christ)

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