Reading Schedule

Ascending the Hill of the King

The Pilgrim Progress Psalms

Psalms 120-134

Let us examine again the psalms that the Jews sing as they ascend the holy hill of worship at their holy city, Jerusalem. Let us sing these psalms and behold Jesus, the author of His own worship.


April 3rd Psalm 120: Jesus Our Deliverer
April 10th Psalm 121: Jesus Our Security
April 17th Psalm 122: Jesus Our Joy and Peace
April 24th Psalm 123: Jesus Our Focus
May 1st Psalm 124: Jesus Our Defender
May 8th Psalm 125: Jesus Our Protector
May 15th Psalm 126: Jesus Our Jerusalem
May 22nd Psalm 127: Jesus Our Provider
May 29th Psalm 128: Jesus Our Source
June 5th Psalm 129: Jesus Our Guardian
June 12th Psalm 130: Jesus Our Redeemer
June 19th Psalm 131: Jesus Our Hope
June 26th Psalm 132: Jesus Our Dwelling Place
July 3rd Psalm 133: Jesus Our Unity
July 10th Psalm 134: Jesus Our Blessing

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