Sermon Series: “Mega Shift”

Join us as Pastor David leads us through the Mega Shift in 1&2 Samuel.

This Week’s Sermon is entitled Uzziah vs. Obed-Edom

Listen NOW by clicking on one of these sermons above!

(The sermon at the top of the list is the most recent)

Mega Shift Archive

Below is a list of the “Mega Shift” series hosted off-site. If you missed a sermon and want to download it for later, please click on a link below and listen to it at your convenience.

Sermon 1 (5/5/13) Mega Shift–Segment 1– (Downloadable Version)

Sermon 2 (5/12/13) Generational Blessing– (Downloadable Version) This is a “word” given by Pastor Doug White to GFC. We welcome this word and bless the man yielded enough to deliver it. Many thanks to Pastor Doug White!

Sermon 3 (5/19/13) The Story of the Ark – (Downloadable Version) Imbedded into the story of Samuel is a story often repeated by spiritual leaders for generations in Israel.  It is eventually recorded in I Samuel 4-7 and is called “The Story of the Ark.”  It serves as a warning to all believers to never reduce the spiritual King of God to physical objects or practices.  The grace part of this story is that even though Israel treats the ark like some kind of good luck charm, God still reveals His glory to the Philistines and Israel alike.  There is no God like our God.

Sermon 4 (5/26/13) Uzziah vs. Obed-Edom – (Downloadable Version)

Sermon 5 (6/02/13) David/ The Eternal Covenant -(Downloadable Version)

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