Embracing Transitions -Sermon Series

Transitions are not always easy. As a matter of fact, they can often times be down right hard. Whether we are swapping jobs, schools, or other major elements of our life, change is certain. Yet, transitions can also be some of the greatest times of growth. God can set before us an intense new opportunity for multiplication. Many times the way we handle the transition effects the way we walk into our next season of life. Join us a we transition as a church and examine influential people in the Bible who have experience their fair share of transition.


The Transitions Sermon Series can be downloaded directly from the Box website by clicking the link below, or you can listen to the sermons immediately from this site by selecting the sermon you desire from the dropdown list below.

Who’s Wife? (Downloadable Version) 6/16/13

Elder Ordination (Downloadable Version) 6/23/13

The Glory Returns (Downloadable Version) 6/30/13

From King to Prophet (Downloadable Version) 7/7/13

Kingdom Psychology (Downloadable Version) 7/14/13

20th Celebration! (Downloadable Version) 7/21/13)

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