Christ is Our King

Christ is Our King

  It is more important than ever to bring the light of the Risen King into a dark world.  As we dive into the Psalms of Ascent with our whole heart, Jesus WILL meet us. He is inviting us into a weekly encounter that reveals more and more of His character.  It is through these encounters that we believe God will bring transformation to our heart, city, and nation. The creation groans in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Join us as we seek to have God reveal more of His character to us, His sons/daughters. Although never admitted, the world desperately needs light. Now, perhaps, more than it ever has. So let us examine again the psalms that the Jews sang as they ascended the holy hill of worship, Jerusalem, their sacred city. The Jewish people waited in expectation for their God to bring light into a dark world. They offered up melodic praise (Psalms of Ascent). They traveled with the expectation that God would meet them in this city and forgive their sins. Let us now sing these psalms, again, with an expectation to see Jesus. He is the author of His own worship. He is, after all, the original light bearer!

We are excited to see what promises He has for us. To ask questions like… What is God saying, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to His people at Grace Fellowship? How does the Lordship of Christ continue to change us as a people? And how does this impact the world around us. Namely, how does this impact Stephenville, Texas. God is utilizing GFC as an instrument of expansion. He is calling out to a generation (believers who will take Him at His word) and leading them into their destinies. Join us as we seek the Lord’s will in bringing His Kingdom to Stephenville, TX. May His Glory rest upon the city of Stephenville and may we all join together in praising the name of Jesus

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