510071-GraceFellowshipChurch-LGO1Answering The Cry For Freedom!

In 1994, ministers from the city of Stephenville received a word from God. The word said that the move of God would be so strong in Stephenville that it would affect the metro-plex…

In 2004, He revealed more of His plan by saying that He had the names of 300 people willing to be transformed in the context of community…

In obedience to what He has said…

We, the people that call ourselves Grace Fellowship, believe we have a mandate from the Lord to find and bring these individuals into community. They will be marked not by age, gender, or socio-economic status, but by their willingness to be completely altered in the context of relationships. It is our goal to identify, grow, and sow into the lives of these passionate people. We believe that God wants to do something so powerful in Stephenville that the repercussions of His touch will affect the metro-plex. These 300 “called-out” ones will play a major role in drastically altering the spiritual climate of our city. Our desire is to be led by the Holy Spirit in establishing each relational contact. We eagerly await the day when this core of believers are able to gather together and worship Jesus Christ in one accord.

Grace Fellowship Church is actively involved in answering this city’s cry for freedom. Jesus has the names of people awaiting a radical change! It is our humble delight to partner with Him in His passionate pursuit of liberating these people and Stephenville.

Fresh Wind and Holy Fire

The Revelation from Jesus Christ to His Church of Stephenville

Write this letter to the Church of Stephenville.  This is the message from the one who has always held angels in His hand, and never ceased from walking amongst the lampstands on earth.  Nothing is hidden from me and there is no place that I am not present.  I have always had those who have seen me, but seeing Me does not make it so.  I AM and always will be I AM.

I know your works, and I see how you sow in the flesh and expect to reap in the Spirit.  This I have against you, it is your boasting that you have everlasting life, but you are dead.  Like the Pharisees you search the scriptures because in them you think you find eternal life.  But they testify of Me.  You are blind and totally unaware of what you do not see.

Ask of Me, and I will give you sight.  I will generate new desires in you and give you boundless joy in the obedience to My every word.  I the Lord speak and then you see.  Without Me there is only darkness continually.  He that has ears let him hear.

To those who walk in the ways of Enoch, I will bless you.  You will walk knowing my pleasure on earth as it is in heaven.  All authority is given to you to see evil and good.  You will speak clearly My words and establish My dominion on earth.  You will put on the garments of praise and your singing will overcome darkness and advance My kingdom of God.

Stephenville, I have named you.  I will have you.  You will be My city set on a hill. You will be My light to the nations.  Then they will know that I am God and the rewarder of those that faithfully seek Me.

(The word of the LORD to the churches of our city on January 21,2018)

We are excited to see what promises He has for us. To ask questions like… What is God saying, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to His people at Grace Fellowship? How does the Lordship of Christ continue to change us as a people? And how does this impact the world around us. Namely, how does this impact Stephenville, Texas. God is utilizing GFC as an instrument of expansion. He is calling out to a generation (believers who will take Him at His word) and leading them into their destinies. Join us as we seek the Lord’s will in bringing His Kingdom to Stephenville, TX. May His Glory rest upon the city of Stephenville and may we all join together in praising the name of Jesus

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Ascending the Hill of the King

The Pilgrim Progress Psalms

Psalms 120-134

Let us examine again the psalms that the Jews sing as they ascend the holy hill of worship at their holy city, Jerusalem. Let us sing these psalms and behold Jesus, the author of His own worship.


April 3rd Psalm 120: Jesus Our Deliverer
April 10th Psalm 121: Jesus Our Security
April 17th Psalm 122: Jesus Our Joy and Peace
April 24th Psalm 123: Jesus Our Focus
May 1st Psalm 124: Jesus Our Defender
May 8th Psalm 125: Jesus Our Protector
May 15th Psalm 126: Jesus Our Jerusalem
May 22nd Psalm 127: Jesus Our Provider
May 29th Psalm 128: Jesus Our Source
June 5th Psalm 129: Jesus Our Guardian
June 12th Psalm 130: Jesus Our Redeemer
June 19th Psalm 131: Jesus Our Hope
June 26th Psalm 132: Jesus Our Dwelling Place
July 3rd Psalm 133: Jesus Our Unity
July 10th Psalm 134: Jesus Our Blessing

Growing in relationship with God and with one another is paramount to the Christian walk. Here are a few opportunities to embark on that journey with us.Large Gold

New House Groups are currently Launching... If you are interested in connecting with or leading one of these groups, please contact Pastor Jarrod for more details. ( Here is a list of the groups that run continuously throughout the year.

Ladies Fellowship: The Ladies of GFC meet at Jessie’s house every other Monday at 6:30 pm. It is a pot luck event where the ladies gather to build relationships by eating, talking, and praying together. For directions to Jessie’s house, please email

Youth Group: The 12-18 year old people meet every Wednesday night at 6 pm at the church. Jason, our worship leader leads this group into a fun, entertaining Bible study with a laid back manner. The students are allowed to speak out and ask questions in a safe environment to learn more about Jesus..

Women’s Prayer Group: Women’s Prayer Group meets at Annette’s house every Thursday from 11:45-12:45 to pray for the church, their families, spouses, etc. For directions to Annette’s house, please email

:New Groups Awaiting Formation:

Answering the Cry For Freedom (Available upon request. This is a four hour intensive. It focuses on breaking the chains that bind us, and setting us on our course in Christ)