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Thy Kingdom Come…

Kingdom Key 1 Samuel Dates
The Prophets Call Before the King:
The Kingdom’s Cry in the Heart of a Mother 1 Samuel 1-2 Feb 3rd
The King’s Call Heard by the Prophet 1 Samuel 3 Feb 10th
The King’s Condemnation of False Prophets 1 Samuel 4 Feb 17th
The King’s Dominion in Heaven and Earth 1 Samuel 5-6 Feb 24th
The King’s Prophet Acts as Judge 1 Samuel 7 Mar 3rd
The Kingdom’s Delayed by Man’s Demand:
The Rebellion of My Way in His Will 1 Samuel 8-10 Mar 10th
The signs of an Earthly King 1 Samuel 11-12 Mar 17th
The False Gospel of “I Make it Happen” 1 Samuel 13-15 Mar 24th
The Kingdom on Earth Begins:
The Call of the True King 1 Samuel 16 Mar 31st
The King of Light in a Dark Kingdom 1 Samuel 17-19 Apr 7th
The King of Love in a Dark Kingdom 1 Samuel 20-22 Apr 14th
The Futile Threat of Darkness 1 Samuel 23-24 Apr 21st
The Signs of a Righteous King 1 Samuel 25-27 Apr 28th
The Final Victory Over Darkness of God’s True King 1 Samuel 28-31 May 5th