Reading Schedule

The Eternal Kingdom

The Gospel of Isaiah 

September 24   Pastor Doug White
October 1 Isaiah 1-5 The Eternal Kingdom
October 8 Isaiah 6 The Encounter with the King
October 15 Isaiah 7-10 The Effects of Accepting or Rejecting the Kingdom
October 22 Isaiah 11-12 The Heir to David’s Throne
October 29 Isaiah 13-24 The Message to the Enemies of the King
November 5 Isaiah 25-27 The Praise to the King of the Kingdom
November 12 Isaiah 28-32 The Message to the Ambassadors of the King
November 19   Pastor Doug White
November 26 Isaiah 33-39 A Compromised King Calls to the King of Kings
December 3 Isaiah 40-44 The Comfort of Knowing the King
December 10 Isaiah 45-48 The Rule of Cyrus Under the King
December 17 Isaiah 49-59 The Gospel of the Coming King
December 24 Isaiah 60-66 The Gospel of the Coming Kingdom