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The Baby That Changed Everything

Even before Jesus appeared in the manger of an unidentified Inn in an obscure village, He was making a difference. This same Jesus appeared to many God fearing men and women of the Old Testament and men and women were awaiting His human arrival at the time of His birth. In ever increasing waves of revelations, Jesus exponentially expands His sphere of influence from a tiny feed trough to the ends of the earth. Let us begin with the baby and see how He changed everything.

Jan 29th The Profound Announcement (Luke 1:1-57)
Feb 5th The Revelation of The Arrival (Luke 2:1-38)
Feb 12th The Significance of a Small Beginning (Luke 2:39-52)


Feb 19th Jesus’ Divine Decree and Pedigree (Luke 3:1-38)
Feb 26th The First Temptation of the Second Adam (Luke 4:1-13)


March 5th Keys to the Acceptance and Rejection of Jesus (Luke 4:14-30)


March 12th Public Demonstration of Divine Authority (Luke 4:31-5:28)
March 19th Private Instructions to Disciples (Luke 5:29-6:49)


March 26th The First Great Expansion of Exponential Growth (Luke 7:1-9:50)
April 2nd Breaking the Religious First (Luke 7:1-9:50)


April 9th Breaking into the Newly Defined Holy One’s Hearts (Luke 7:1-9:50)
April 16th Breaking Through to the Women (Luke 7:1-9:50)
April 23rd Breaking the Stronghold of the Demoniac and Multitudes (Luke 7:1-9:50)
April 30th The Second Wave and It’s Results (Luke 9:51-11:54)
May 7th Jesus’ Response to the Rejection (Luke 12:1-19:27)
May 14th Jesus’ Final Week and New Beginning (Luke 19:28-24:53)