Enjoy some of our archived sermons! The current sermon series “Generation Joshua” can be found by connecting with the GFC Podcast. You can find the podcast by following the steps below. Blessings!

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Grace Fellowship Church’s Podcast

If you are an android user: Download your favorite itunes player app and subscribe to “Grace Fellowship Church’s” podcast. Here are a few examples:IPP Podcast Player, and Podkicker Podcast Player

The logo on this page is the one that you will look for when differentiating which Grace Fellowship to select. After subscribing to the podcast you will receive the newest episode each week.

Archived Sermons

These sermons are not in chronological order. Please keep this in mind when searching for a particular sermon. Enjoy!

Sermons- Pastor Doug White

Sermons- Pastor David

Sermons- Pastor Jarrod

Sermons- Pastor Jim

3 Comments on “Sermons

  1. Great sermon Pastor Dave. Would like to listen to others? Where and how do I get the archived sermons?

    • Thanks for the post, Pastor Curt! We have been debating the best way to get previous sermons archived on this site. It looks like the winner (for the time being) is to bring over a few from the past several weeks, and start a new archive here. This is in an effort to cut some of the hosting costs that go with having a multitude of sermons hosted offsite. I should have a few up in the next couple days. Until then, I will post a link to our host site for all of our “old” sermons. That link should be up momentarily. Blessings, Pastor Curt!


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