What to Expect

I have been asked on many occasions what it is like to worship with the body at Grace Fellowship. There is not really any good way to describe what God does at GFC. You kinda have to experience… Read More

Fresh Wind and Holy Fire

The Revelation from Jesus Christ to His Church of Stephenville Write this letter to the Church of Stephenville.  This is the message from the one who has always held angels in His hand, and never ceased from walking… Read More

Transformed in Context of Community

Join us as we learn what it truly means to be encountered by the God. The major part of being transformed in the context of community involves connecting with one another in a deeper way. Begin this step… Read More

“Mega Shift” – The Story of the Ark

Imbedded into the story of Samuel is a story often repeated by spiritual leaders for generations in Israel.  It is eventually recorded in I Samuel 4-7 and is called “The Story of the Ark.”  It serves as a… Read More

Holy Spirit: Our God Encounter

We carved out a year to cover and study how God encountered the men of the Bible. Join us in this sermon series where we study and learn how God encounters US every day. “The One in Us… Read More

Sermon Series: “Mega Shift”

Join us as Pastor David leads us through the Mega Shift in 1&2 Samuel. This Week’s Sermon is entitled Uzziah vs. Obed-Edom Listen NOW by clicking on one of these sermons above! (The sermon at the top of the… Read More